The Combined Honours in Biochemistry and Forensic Science accepts a small cohort each year (ours was 14 students!). Make sure you give yourself the best shot at being accepted by having the following prerequisites.

30+ credits in first-year science

  • You must meet this prereq for entry into an Honours degree program

  • Note: This is for a good reason, this program will push you to the limits as you may be taking up to 37 credits per Winter session

>70% Winter Session Average

  • You must meet this prereq for entry into an Honours degree program

  • Our cohort's entry averages ranged from 72% to 98% - so don't be dissuaded if you have a lower average!

  • Tip: Rank the Combined Honours as your first choice specialization in order to have the best chance of acceptance!

*Mandatory* Courses to be completed in the Winter session prior to application

Just in case you didn't know, there are required courses for entry and required courses for graduation. The following are courses you HAVE to have in order for entry into the program. 

  • 3 credits of SCIE113 or ENGL1**

  • 3 credits of BIOL 121

  • 4 credits of CHEM 121 (or equiv)

  • 4 credits of CHEM 123 (or equiv)

  • 3 credits of MATH 102 (or equiv)

  • 3 credits of MATH 103 (or equiv)

Criminal Record Check

  • You must go to a local police department to obtain a Canadian Criminal Record Check

  • There is sensitive information studied in this program which requires each student to have a non-criminal past